1. 21 Apr, 2015 1 commit
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      deleteuser script changed to deleteprofile · 529b2f66
      mmn authored
      Delete remote profiles by providing their ID if known, or you can
      provide their profile URI with --uri=https://...
      Useful for cleaning up old, long gone and no longer desired profiles
      and their notices.
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      pluginified most of hasFave, getFaves and related calls · fcdd061b
      mmn authored
      The code is now more event-driven when it comes to rendering notices
      and their related HTML elements, since we can't have direct calls from
      core to a plugin.
      lib/activitymover.php has a function to move a Favorite activity which
      will not happen now. The move must be pluginified and performed as an
      event which plugins can catch on to.
  17. 07 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  18. 19 May, 2014 2 commits
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      adminUpdates setting not available now · fb82c75b
      mmn authored
      We don't run a service similar to update.status.net yet. Maybe we should,
      but that's for the future to decide. Currently I view it as a callback
      that we want to avoid.
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      Minor script fixes · 37e57610
      mmn authored
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      Dynamically generate thumbnails (see full text) · d59eb5e1
      mmn authored
      The File object now stores width and height of files that can
      supply this kind of information. Formats which we can not read
      natively in PHP do not currently benefit from this. However an
      event hook will be introduced later.
      The CreateFileImageThumbnail event is renamed to:
      CreateFileImageThumbnailSource to clarify that the hooks should not
      generate their own thumbnails but only the source image. Also it now
      accepts File objects, not MediaFile objects.
      The thumbnail generation is documented in the source code. For
      developers, call 'getThumbnail' on a File object and hope for the best.
      Default thumbnail sizes have increased to be more appealing.
  25. 15 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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  27. 06 Mar, 2014 2 commits
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      Removed Inbox from core (unused since 4b2a66ed) · 2272cc24
      mmn authored
      Added the following FIXME:
      How should a Twitter user get their Inbox filled with foreign tweets?
      Every imported Twitter user has a profile in the Profile table, so we
      could setup a Subscription entry for each of those, meaning they get
      collected in the InboxNoticeStream... But this would mean a lot of
      unnecessary entries and listings that generally just point to the
      locked down Twitter service.
      Let's figure out a good relation so we can connect any profile to any
      imported foreign notice, so it shows up in the "all" feed.
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      New mechanism for "all" feed (InboxNoticeStream) · 4b2a66ed
      mmn authored
      Also cleaned up and made typing stricter for the stream, so only
      profiles can be submitted. This reasonably also means we can create
      "inbox" or "all" streams for foreign profiles as well using the same
      stream handler (but of course only for messages we already know about).
      To avoid looking up posts for a long time in a large notice database,
      the lookback period for the inbox is no longer than the profile creation
      date. (this matches the behaviour of Inbox)
      Inbox class can probably be removed now.
  28. 01 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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  30. 19 Nov, 2013 2 commits
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      Cron plugin added and now default queue handler · 0cd93c27
      mmn authored
      Generally the Cron plugin will run if there's still execution time for
      1 second since starting the Action processing. If you want to change
      this (such as disabling, 0 seconds, or maybe running bigger chunks,
      for like 4 seconds) you can do this, where 'n' is time in seconds.
         addPlugin('Cron', array('secs_per_action', n));
      Add 'rel_to_pageload'=>false to the array if you want to run the queue
      for a certain amount of seconds _despite_ maybe already having run that
      long in the previous parts of Action processing.
      Perhaps you want to run the cron script remotely, using a machine capable
      of background processing (or locally, to avoid running daemon processes),
      simply do an HTTP GET request to the route /main/cron of your GNU social.
      Setting secs_per_action to 0 in the plugin config will imply that you run
      all your queue handling by calling /main/cron (which runs as long as it can).
      /main/cron will output "0" if it has finished processing, "1" if it should
      be called again to complete processing (because it ran out of time due to
      PHP's max_execution_time INI setting).
      The Cron plugin also runs events as close to hourly, daily and weekly
      as you get, based on the opportunistic method of running whenever a user
      visits the site. This means of course that the cron events should be as
      fast as possible, not only to avoid delaying page load for users but
      also to minimize the risk of running into PHP's max_execution_time. One
      suggestion is to only use the events to add new queue items for later processing.
      These events are called CronHourly, CronDaily, CronWeekly - however there
      is no guarantee that all events will execute, so some kind of failsafe,
      transaction-ish method must be implemented in the future.
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      Comment and typing improvements · c942bdcb
      mmn authored
      To make the StatusNet::addPlugin() accept only arrays,
      the lib/default.php had to be changed because all plugins
      had 'null' as default value instead of an array.