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Commit 190da03d authored by Bryan Richter's avatar Bryan Richter

Remove unused daemon runner

parent 69a233a2
......@@ -33,9 +33,6 @@ import qualified Yesod as Y
import Avatar
import Model.Currency
-- A type for running DB actions outside of a Handler.
type Daemon a = ReaderT App (LoggingT (ResourceT IO)) a
-- | The foundation datatype for your application. This can be a good place to
-- keep settings and values requiring initialization before your application
-- starts running, such as database connections. Every handler will have
......@@ -387,14 +384,6 @@ getAlert = do
-- Types that satisfy this constraint: Handler, Daemon.
type DBConstraint m = (MonadBaseControl IO m, MonadIO m, MonadLogger m, MonadResource m, MonadReader App m)
-- Run a Daemon in IO.
runDaemon :: App -> Daemon a -> IO a
runDaemon app daemon =
runResourceT $
(runReaderT daemon app)
(messageLoggerSource app (appLogger app))
-- A basic database action.
type DB a = forall m. DBConstraint m => SqlPersistT m a
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