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Commit c364f8e2 authored by wolftune's avatar wolftune

updated GitHub repo to snowdriftcoop/snowdrift

parent a17761d6
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ Essential build instructions
Note: our code is mirrored at
[GitHub](https://github.com/dlthomas/snowdrift) (which is popular but proprietary)
[GitHub](https://github.com/snowdriftcoop/snowdrift) (which is popular but proprietary)
and [Gitorious](https://gitorious.org/snowdrift/snowdrift) (which is FLO, licensed AGPL, but less popular).
**You really should read our full [guide to our code](GUIDE.md)
......@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@ Default: &defaults
host: ""
port: 3000
approot: "http://localhost:3000"
copyright: "2012-2015 various contributors"
copyright: "2012-2015 snowdrift contributors"
source: "https://gitorious.org/snowdrift/snowdrift"
githubrepo: "dlthomas/snowdrift"
githubrepo: "snowdriftcoop/snowdrift"
siteproject: "snowdrift"
#analytics: UA-YOURCODE
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