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Commit 96695c11 authored by Mitchell Rosen's avatar Mitchell Rosen

clean up Model/Comment/ActionPermissions.hs

parent f5448a1e
......@@ -32,11 +32,8 @@ data CommentActionPermissions = CommentActionPermissions
emptyCommentActionPermissions :: CommentActionPermissions
emptyCommentActionPermissions = CommentActionPermissions False False False False False False False False False False
makeEmptyCommentActionPermissionsMap :: MakeActionPermissionsMap
makeEmptyCommentActionPermissionsMap = return .
foldr (\(Entity comment_id _) -> M.insert comment_id emptyCommentActionPermissions) mempty
-- permissions for visitors who are not logged in
-- | Comment action permissions for a logged out user.
loggedOutCommentActionPermissions :: CommentActionPermissions
loggedOutCommentActionPermissions = emptyCommentActionPermissions { can_reply = True }
makeLoggedOutCommentActionPermissionsMap :: MakeActionPermissionsMap
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