Authored by Janet Smith

Tropical, Rare & Hard To Find Firecracker Plant

Learn about Growing Beautiful Firecracker Plant & its related flowers.


Here is a list of plant names associated with this plant, Cigar Plant, Candy Corn Vine, Candy corn Plant, Cuphea Micropetala, Cuphea Llavea, Cigar plant, Bat faced plant, & Cuphea Ignea and where you can purchase the hard to find firecracker flower.

This tireless constant blooming flower is best known for its small, tubular flowers.

Each beautiful firecracker of her flower is differently colored some in vivid orange and tipped with white, like the ash on a glowing cigar that’s how that one got its name Cigar Plant.

The Cuphea Cyanea is a bright pink with yellow on its tips.

Candy Corn vine is exactly what it sounds like, it has the colors of a candy corn.

Each plant creates a mass of slender lance shaped leaves on long woody stems and at the end of each stem are clusters of unusual bursting Firecracker flowers, they are usually 1 to 1/2 inches long and covered with soft tiny fuzz.

Growing instructions:

It prefers a moist, moderately nutrient rich and well drained soil tha will not allow the siol or dirt to get soggy nd muddy.

This colorful evergreen plant can tolrate being over watered but not on a regular basis and grows very well as a houseplant as long as it gets lots of sunlight and grown in a pot that will allow the roots room to grow and not be over crouded.

This is nother fun plant to grow in a greenhouse that does very well.


The best way to propagate is to sow the seed in early spring or in late spring.

If you wish you can use division from an existing established plant and can be accomplished by root or softwood cuttings in late spring should be plantnted but and cross your fingers…… I had to try this method many times before it actually took.


White flies and aphids are typical pest for these plants. It’s also prone to root rot so even though it loves moist soil make sure not to over water or to let it soak sitting in water.

Stem galls, die back, powdery mildew, and a few leaf spots are some of the problems you can have.

Washing your plant with water using your hands or a cloth to wipe off these problems can help.

With the firecracker flower or cigar plant though the flowers look orangey, they are actually colored red and shaded with green-yellow, when you look at them up close they are actually very beautiful.

Also these are a big attraction for hummingbirds which I love. I have put just about everything I can to make my back yard Attract Hummingbirds and it’s worked.

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