Authored by Pamela May

Tourism Dissertation

Students can write a tourism essay to learn about various factors affecting tourism as a business in different parts of the world. Countries depend a great deal on the influx of tourists on a regular basis. Some places seem to attract tourists with great regularity while some countries have to invest a great deal of money to attract people. They do it by recording and publishing historical discoveries or marketing unique characteristics that would attract tourists. A sudden spurt in tourism could happen if a country holds something unique like the soccer world cup. Some deterrents also exist that can put off tourists. Students must be able to compile an effective interpersonal communication essay based on the knowledge they gain from researching for their essay. Let best essay writing service 2020 go through some factors that can increase or decrease

History plays an important role in drawing the attention of tourists. A historical essay would talk of historical monuments, memorabilia, war memorials, castles, forts, and other tourist attractions. These attractions have drawn people towards them. For example, they would love to visit the British Museum which houses the remains of some the sculptured portions of the Great Temple of Artemis. The temple was 425 feet long and 225 feet wide. It is rumored to have taken 120 years to build. People visiting the museum would then be interested in visiting the site where John Turtle Wood, an architect, discovered the temple. In fact, when D.G. Hograth was sent to continue the excavation process started by Wood, evidence was found that five temples existed one on top of the other. A tourism essay providing details of the great discovery would attract many tourists to the place.

It is also important to understand how tourism would benefit a country. Stability of a currency is measured by its value in the international market. When more money pours into a country through tourism, the currency exchange rate stabilizes. Lack of tourism can actually cause concern, as a currency can get devalued if the trend continues over an extended period of time. It is almost mandatory that countries welcome tourism by creating and developing unique selling points that would attract people. Business tours can also encourage trade between countries. It can all start with a few foreign tourists being exposed to new markets.

Terrorism has had a great impact on tourism. Not only does it create fear in the minds of people but also can create unavoidable deterrents that can reduce the number of visitors. It usually occurs due to precautionary measures taken to prevent an act of terrorism in the future. Immediate trends can be observed at the airports. Restrictions on hand baggage, excessive security personnel with modern weapons, and ban on items people are unaware of can all lead to reduction in tourism. Though statistics may not suggest that influx has reduced, lost opportunities in terms of increased tourism cannot be discounted. A travel essay may be able to summarize the effects of reduced tourism by talking about a reduction in ticket rates as a counter measure. Students can take into account all these important factors that affect tourism and highlight them in a tourism essay.

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