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How to avoid scams while travelling abroad?

While traveling we are so engrossed in the activities that little we notice about falling prey to unpleasant situations which generally catch us off-guard. International tour packages may guarantee the best moments of the lifetime but there could be plenty of travel scams you may come across. Most of the time, travelers come across situations like getting robbed and sometimes even getting duped by the service providers which ruins the entire trip and dampens the spirit.

How to avoid these common travel scams when traveling abroad? Here are some of the most common scams that people face during their travel and tips on how these can be avoided.

Currency Scam

This is the most common scam faced by the people while traveling abroad for first-time, especially when visiting a destination for the first time. People are handed counterfeit currency notes or even the similar-sized currency notes of lower denomination. You must always exchange your currency at counters that are famous and never deal with local agents who offer the same services.

Transportation Scam

Transportation is an integral part of traveling and people often need to take up taxis. To avoid being cheated with broken meters or meters that run fast and charge extra, download transportation apps and use them as they charge accurate amounts and you don’t end up paying extra money.

Safeguard Belongings

Do not carry your passport and documents unnecessarily while touring. Leave them at your place of stay. Carry only the credit cards and some minimum amount of cash. This will help you avoid situations of getting robbed of important belongings and even currency.

Good Samaritan Scam

While on tour to an unfamiliar place, avoid people who are over-friendly or who are being sugary-sweet as sometimes these good Samaritans are actually the cons who pretend to help you out of the way and you may end up looting your money and valuables. They may approach you like buying you a coffee or a beer or maybe a ticket, and at such times, you must politely refuse them. It’s best to avoid talking to strangers.

Fake Police Scam

It is another most common scam people fall prey to. Cons pretending policemen may demand you for checking up your wallet or purse and may end up taking your money and running away even before you realize. These fake policemen especially hunt tourists who are unfamiliar about the place and local laws. Avoid interaction with plain-clothed, so-called officers who are without batches or their IDs. You may take help from some localities that seem genuine. Also, never pay policemen who ask you for a payment on the spot because this is sure a tactic to con you.

ATM Scam

ATM scams usually take place in western countries. Scammers very carefully stick or place a plastic slip or a sticky slip in the money-dispensing slot and hide. The slip prevents the money to dispense. This slip goes unnoticed by the tourist who is at the ATM trying to withdraw money. The frustrated tourist leaves the ATM and these cons then walk away with your cash. To avoid being cheated, you must use ATM machines that are placed inside the bank. If not, you can check the money-dispensing slot before using it to check if there is any plastic slip visible. This little investigation will surely help you not lose your hard-earned money.

Air BnB’s and Hotels Scam.

Another common way how scammers cheat innocent tourists is through hotels and Air BnB’s. Owners put fake and photo-shopped images of homes on websites to attract tourists to rent it as Air BnB. However, the destination turns to be different than what was shown on the website. There might be changes in amenities and facilities.

And tourists are overcharged with the services they haven’t used. The same is the case with hotels as well. The real place to live is different than shown in the pictures. In such cases, tourists should demand a refund. They should also find new accommodation which is not only comfortable to live in but also safe. They should also check out the amenities and facilities as claimed by the hotels in advance.

Fake Visa Scam

When it comes to the scams of fake visas, it is like indirectly being conned even before your holiday has begun. There are many fake websites in the travel business which con tourists by charging extra and unnecessary fees or sometimes even ask to purchase an unnecessary visa. When planning your international holiday tour, you should check out the visa requirements, fees and charges of the destination country as it can help you save precious money.

Knock off Brands

When on an international tour, never purchase souvenirs and branded items from the street stalls as the seller might hand you unbranded and cheap items at a high price, especially electronic goods, and jewelry. Always shop from the licensed shops as they guarantee quality and products that are worth your money.

So whenever you an international trip package for your next journey, follow these simple yet essential tips to have a pleasant experience. Da Nang Local Tours is a leading travel agency in Da Nang that can help you finalize your next trip through its comprehensive range of international holiday packages. Contact us today to book your next international trip because you simply deserve the best.

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