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A few secrets of relationship

Mental connection


It is called extrasensory, deep, affecting directly the person. Here, two separate individuals go through joint karmic lessons and learn to get a deep understanding of the essence of what is happening. It is not easy to reach this level. You have to put a lot of effort into your own self-development, strive for self-improvement. Mental ties bind the student and the teacher, the common man and his spiritual mentor.

In moments of painful reflection, we all need support. Only then do we feel needed and important. The ability to reach spiritual heights grows along with the development of intuitive thinking, the desire to selflessly take care of another person.

Relationship and leash A leash is a useful addition to relationships, when both are tools, necessary elements for parenting (children, employees, other people). Leash-cheaper and easier, but more dangerous in the long term. Relationships are harder and more expensive, but they pay off better in the future Types of relationship between a man and a woman The relationship between a man and a woman is a fascinating topic that interests many. By the way, if you suddenly don't have a messenger, VeePN VPN: will help you. In society, people can't help but keep in touch with the opposite sex. But they do not always understand what relationships can be between representatives of the opposite sexes, as well as what is at the heart of their formation.

Liking and falling in love The development of emotional relationships between partners begins with sympathy. For its appearance, the person must evaluate the following criteria in the partner:

  1. appearance;

  2. physical attractiveness;

  3. status;

  4. socio-demographic indicators.

  5. These characteristics of a person are always visible, so it does not take much time to evaluate them.

    But sympathy is a short-term and fast-passing emotional connection. If there is a relationship between people, they can develop into love. It is often confused with love. The main mechanism for this relationship is an emotional response to flirting from a woman or man. In order for love to take root and grow into love, it needs to develop, getting acquainted with the negative sides of the beloved person. Only by accepting its "dark side" can we talk about the birth of love.

But you don't always need to accept a negative partner. 6 Bytes
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