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Critique of The Sam Jackson College Experience

Critique of The Sam Jackson College Experience


The Sam Jackson College Experience is a blog created by Sam Jackson, who studied at Yale and will be attending Peking University in Beijing. Basically, this is a rather straightforward blog that discusses issues related to higher education marketing, college admissions, college application processes, and the author’s experiences as a Yale student. As such, you can find articles about the crime rates in the area around Yale, Yale admissions information, and general blogging information.

What’s good about Sam Jackson’s blog

What you’ll love about The Sam Jackson College Experience is that it is a no-frills blog site, where visitors can enjoy what the author has to say on various topics. It is a true world vision creator website. The site is well-organized and very simple, making it easy to navigate to the various blog entries and sections on the site. Sam Jackson also has the advantage of having a rather unique voice and concept. A Yale student blogging about school life and marketing trends isn’t something that you find in every blog that you come across, which is why The Sam Jackson College Experience is distinct from some of the other blogs out there.

What’s not-so-good about Sam Jackson’s blog

On the other side of the scale, Sam Jackson’s blog does have a few faults. First of all, visitors have little to look forward to with the site. The author himself claims that The sad reality is that I now tweet more than I blog! It’s bad enough that the content on the site is rather limited, but having the author commit himself more to Twitter means that his blog readers can expect even fewer content on the blog. The blog entries could also use some pictures to help improve the look of the site.

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