Authored by An Nguyen

Why You should choose The Right Hosting?

Recently, a client asked me to help him design a website with the WordPress platform for his special event. So I chose the appropriate and reliable hosting. However, he refused and decided to choose an alternative company he knew and said, “It is owned by a friend of mine and he will provide me great services. than".

I suddenly remembered a sad and unforgettable experience in the past. It is the case that some cheap web hosting companies have been indifferent and left their customers at their worst. Wishing to help resolve these problems, the client emailed me one Thursday night. He said that he is planning an important event and needs a website to be uploaded and that everything must be finalized and ready by Friday night as well. on offer, the event is likely to take place next Monday morning.

The event was originally scheduled to take place about a week later, so I promised the customer to spend a weekend without sleep and work tirelessly to complete the site. His wish, no later than Sunday night. In the end, we agreed on some quicker and more direct measures to understand why our customers were so eager to come to me for help, I found out that the web could be uploaded to. Saturday night. Later, there were some additions made after the event.

Because I wanted to know why my customers were urgently looking to me for help, I found out about the hosting companies they chose and got lots of unexpected information from their customers - The truth is that the hosting companies' customer support hours are mostly from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time. For all evenings or weekends, they will stop all support services regardless of their customers' problems.

Always timely support

There are many things to consider to choose the right hosting. One of my biggest concerns is whether the company is able to quickly and accurately resolve all issues that arise during use. As we all know, uploading a website is one thing but then removing it is another thing entirely. Each server has a different control panel to facilitate customer use. Control panels often vary in design and complexity, but most of them are highly interactive and allow you to explore data more easily. With just a little time and patience, the majority of customers will use their intuition and easily learn thoroughly about how to use this panel, meanwhile,

As a website designer, I always have to bring the server control panel to work. However, most small business owners often buy a pre-designed website or work with a template (layout templates, layouts are designed when using just placing information objects). Graphics to edit a little bit is perfect design). Obviously having to upload a website is really a nightmare for them. That's why a friendly, open and enthusiastic helpdesk specialist is so important.

More importantly, how will you handle your site getting worse, hacked, or infected with malware? I learned that many of the top websites have experienced these problems. Can you afford to maintain an increasingly degraded business website, or be blacklisted for more than 24 hours?

Hackers and automated programs attack websites through malware-infected computers, for example, Malware. Security companies, search engines, browser manufacturers or responsible people will prevent or warn users from accessing malicious websites to protect customers. Hacked sites can also be used for less-than-good purposes such as launching spam and phishing campaigns. There are many unfortunate cases that have occurred due to the user's being caught off guard. Most websites infected with viruses or malware often try to persuade Internet users to visit a fake bank site, buy products, or similar things.

This may cause the site to be blacklisted. It is really a pity when your site is blacklisted. Because it not only causes serious damage to the business but also takes a lot of time to reset everything back to its original state. As a result, you may lose the business as well as the reputation that has built so long or even lose a large number of potential customers.

A professional helpdesk specialist will intervene and resolve this issue immediately for you. That is all you need to know about customer service.

Naturally, most of these problems do not originate from hosting companies. If you choose a weak and vulnerable password, have an unsecured FTP connection or use third-party add-ons that contain lots of vulnerabilities, then you're obviously taking the trouble for yourself. When there is anything suspicious, report it immediately to the friendly helpdesk. Immediately, they will give you useful advice to ensure the functionality and protection of your site.

Types of customer service - What are your options?

24/7 services are one of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right hosting. Let's return to customer support. While you work with files and servers, there are a number of things you can do yourself without having to call the hosting company support line, even if you're not technically savvy. believe. Some simple things you can handle yourself such as installing WordPress, setting up email, setting up FTP accounts. Do your hosting providers use cPanel or Plesk to make updating and modifying easier? And are they using a complex interface that no one can understand? If you are unlucky, you will most likely be one of the people who have to work with it and there is no doubt that you are at risk of facing a lot of difficult problems.

Hacking is also a matter of great concern. Often hackers attack websites that are hosted on a vulnerable server. Currently, many of the servers on the Internet that run software are vulnerable to hackers, such as FTP software that is easily compromised. You need to take some time to learn about the hardware as well as the security measures that a web hosting company must-have. Does it have firewalls properly configured and use SSL data encryption for all your website information? Encrypting SSL data converts sensitive data from plain text into a secure code. By doing this, hackers will not be able to easily access the site and steal your information.

What type of machines do hosting companies usually use? Are these new, modern and extremely versatile machines? You really need to be clear if hosting companies are not informed about the type of server they use. This is important because the hardware can affect the overall performance of your server and website.

Sometimes, even though web site and server administrators know about server software vulnerabilities, they accidentally forget about dealing with these security holes. That is why hackers have the opportunity to attack and steal information easily. These issues are mainly related to server setup and configuration. Besides, the illegal and improper installation also allows hackers to gain access to your files. We sincerely recommend that you thoroughly research the relevant information or ask those who understand this field before deciding on the right hosting for you.

Price is also one of the first factors that greatly influence the choice of suitable hosting of the user. However, you must be very alert and do not be fooled because the actual cost is not the deciding factor. As we all know, price always comes with quality. Once you spend a lot of money to invest in high-quality hosting services for your website, what you get is worth a thousand times more. Obviously, high-end services like non-outsourced support and hardware quality are well worth the cost. You need to know that a hosting company with the lowest monthly fee may not offer these preeminent features. Before comparing prices, take a closer look at the features of each server.

Therefore, the website has contributed to affirm the brand and symbolize your professional level as well as reliability.

Price should not be the deciding factor for a hosting choice. The most important thing that directly affects your choice is - What makes the hosting company special? What motivates them to always want to provide more attractive hosting for their customers as a business? Whether it's complex data centers, energy-saving operations, or extra features like regular data backups or free domain name security, hosting companies don't just provide reliable service but also offer more than that. In case any hosting company offers some indicators that you need or are important to you, then there is no reason why you should not consider that company.

Just like choosing a place that suits your lifestyle, choosing a hosting is similar. In fact, not every server is suitable for all different types of customers. Some hosting offer great shared plans, but they don't come with good solutions to support the growth of a business; In contrast, other web hosting providers have optimal business solutions but are not suitable for small personal blog owners. It is important that you look at the company's specialty or business area before signing up for their services. As a customer, What do you really need to understand your specific needs? Do you want to continue using the hosting company services you have chosen? It is imperative to change the website from an existing service to another that is exactly the same as packing and tidying things up to move house. It is incredibly tiring, complicated, and even stressful for you.

Will your website continue to grow and grow? You need to consider this carefully. Find out what you want the website to do and where you want to recommend it in the future. If you are hoping to host a blog, an e-commerce site, rich content, or some of your favorite videos, we recommend that you do not choose cheap hosting packages. doubt that you can easily find it. A cheap hosting plan, of course, won't have RAM, poor processor speed, and limited hard drive capacity. In other words, it may not meet all your needs. Not only that, but you also face a lot of technical problems and take a long time to deal with downtime (downtime of the machine) or the slow loading speed of the website. Cheap VPS and consider what features are included in the cost. Do they charge for additional domain names, support, backups, etc.? Your website is actually a business expense and a tax deduction. Therefore, do not exaggerate savings when investing in your business.

Email communication or email management is one of the most important elements of a website. How many email addresses does your server allow? Do you want an address for yourself, one for billing and another for information, etc.? Will the server come with email solutions like Constant Contact (continuous contact)? Or does it allow portfolio building and management?

What will happen if your email address is hacked and used for spamming (spamming)? Does the hosting company provide an appropriate solution to prevent these problems or investigate those who intentionally stole your email? Spamming (spamming) will be punished severely. That's why you always need help and support from the server. So look for and ask suppliers to offer solutions to prevent spam as well as for instructions on how to use email in the safest way.

Reviews from customers are the key factors that directly impact your satisfaction level with a web hosting company. Make sure, a company can provide a lot of information on its website. In the event that you call with a desire to answer a problem, the company must always be ready to support, answer, promise or even pledge to find ways to help you solve the problem. However, response times, security issues, the use of common web features such as WordPress blogs or Joomla content management systems and individual features, along with flexibility and development potential. are the major considerations you need to consider.


First of all, as mentioned at the beginning, never schedule the launch of the site on Friday. Because many hosting companies don't solve technical issues (risks or errors) on weekends. If there are any problems when changing DNS, you will be very impatient and want the company to handle it immediately. In other words, you can waste the entire weekend just because you worry about your site before it gets fixed. In case your business wants to launch a program on Monday, you need to have a web site with technical support 24/7. Equally important is that you may have to pay extra weekend rates for a design firm.

It's a good idea to plan to upload your site and test it, then inform your customer base. Marketing at the right time, working hard with the website, resulting in you having everything ready for your program. However, if you forget or are not planning, you will have to rush at the last minute of a difficult working day and pass quickly. Don't be surprised and don't wonder why things are so bad.

The website will change day by day with the rapid development of information technology. Does the hosting you have chosen will adapt and handle this? When it comes to finding the best Web hosting services, no answer is completely correct. Choosing a web host is almost like choosing a phone company, there are plenty of plans to choose from and you need to carefully consider how you will use your phone before finding good plans. best for you.

Top Host Coupon provides real-world reviews from over seven thousand users, so you get unbiased reviews of people who have experienced these services.

If you are a small business, you need to consider: How will you serve the site; add updates and track analysis, comments (if you have a blog) and will handle any problems that may arise during use? You can do it yourself or do you need a dynamic helpdesk or will you even have a web expert on your staff?

If you are a web designer, will your service department be responsible for arranging, recommending or booking a web hosting service for customers? Can you make them happy even if you have to pay a higher fee to make the site run as smoothly as possible? Do you plan to set up a website with the function of creating close working relationships for many websites and customers?

Those are all factors that you must consider. Once you've chosen the right hosting, you should plan to work with it for the long term, and choose the hosting wisely based on your immediate and long-term needs. If you feel that the selected servers are not working, you may have a 30, 60 or 90-day release estimate. Act quickly if something goes wrong. Believe in hunch if you feel you've made a mistake. Buying a web hosting contract is one of the most important business decisions that you must make in marketing and promoting your business.

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