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Play Desert Motorcycle Rides and Collect Medals by Driving in The Desert

Play Desert Motorcycle Rides and Collect Medals by Driving in The Desert

We all wish sometimes to be away from our boring day to day lives and just walk miles and miles in the desert. Name me a better combination of everlasting beauty than sand dunes and a bike to go up and down them; I’m pretty sure nothing beats it. However, in the era of the virtual world, is wishing enough? No, right? In the virtual world, you can experience the unimaginable and fulfill your desires just by playing the best free online games for PC - no download required.

In the virtual world, you can experience the unimaginable and fulfill your desires.

The game Desert Motorcycle Rides will take you to this unbeatable experience within the blink of an eye. Before unleashing its amazing features, here is a brief of what this game is all about — deserts, bikes, adventure, rewards, levels, and a great experience, and it’s all online and free of cost! Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s why the virtual world is the best!

About the Game: Desert Motorcycle Rides
As suggested by the name, this is a simulation game which takes you to the world of deserts. It revolves around driving in the desert using a desert motorcycle and winning gold medals (as many as you can) as you ride farther and farther away from the starting point without crashing.

You’ll also find speeding a bit tricky in the game.

It may seem that the game is simple and has nothing new to offer, but hey, as any physics student would know, riding in the desert is no easy task. There can be uneven sizes of sand dunes and the friction over sand is comparatively less. It requires more technique and skills to drive a motorcycle in the desert than riding it on concrete roads. You’ll also find speeding a bit tricky in the game. Speeding too fast may lead you to crash into the sand hill. You might, perhaps in your greed to get more rewards and getting a good high score, tend to speed the bike, but that doesn’t work here. So, this game is fun and difficult — a deadly combination, where one has to be constantly aware of everything. This “everything” includes speed, precision, high score, and balance.

Gaming Requirements
To play this game, you’ll only need the basic things that are required to play any other PC game. i.e. a keyboard for the arrow keys, a mouse to select, an updated web browser, and a good Internet connection. With these four elements present, you can enjoy this fun motorcycle game for free. Of course, certain things matter like the keyboard and mouse should be in good shape and the Internet should have an above average performance. The browser should have Adobe Flash Player installed and should be functioning smoothly, as bugs also disrupt the working of such games. Hence, this game provides a great opportunity for those who just fulfill the basic requirements to enjoy the best online games you have to try right away - Top free games. And fun fact: it is for free. Instead of paying lots on a trip to a desert, this game can give you the same experience just by sitting at home. If that isn’t cool, what is? After all, we all know happiness triples when the moment is free of cost.

How to Play the Game?

The game only requires you to use the arrow buttons present on your keyboard.

After knowing the game’s basic requirements, all we need is to know how to play the game. For this, the control guide has been given in the game. However, here is a brief summation of the controls of the game. The game only requires you to use the arrow buttons present on your keyboard. The task is to ride the vehicle smoothly up and down the sand hills and make sure you don’t trip or crash against these hills as it would end the game. You will also see many gold coins floating mid-air as you ride the motorcycle. Collect as many as you can to achieve high scores. The game, therefore, has every element of fun — picturesque views, adventure, thrill, speed, and rewards. It gets merrier with every addition of an element to the game. There are 7 levels to the game; reaching the finish line of one game will unlock the next level. And just like that, you can keep yourself immersed in the beauty of sand dunes and the thrill of riding a bike. Isn’t this the best example of getting it all in one game?

Pro Tips to Win the Game:

Try to get as many medals as possible!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this game is like every other vehicle game. Biking games are popular and conventionally synonymous with racing games. But here, the priority is safe and balanced driving. No one is in a hurry. It is difficult to digest, right? The most basic premise of this game is to collect as many gold medals or coins as you can and complete the stage. With sudden ups and downs, you’ll find it difficult to balance your bike in speed. Therefore, go slow, but go alert. Try to get as many medals as possible. The higher you score, the better your scoreboard looks, and it will definitely say a lot about your gaming skills. Try to get gold coins — even the ones out of reach. There is always a loophole, and you just need to find it. Once you find the loophole, there is no way you can’t take that gold coin. However, it is also important that you don’t needlessly speed and crash into the sand hills. Once you crash, the game restarts from the starting point, so the only gaming strategy is going steady, get gold, and don’t fall down. Do you think you can do it? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Game Technology:

Try to get as many medals as possible!

The game can be found online on the MantiGames site. The game uses basic computer accessories, i.e. a keyboard and a mouse. However, the game would require pre-installed Flash Player in your Internet browser. It is also better to play this game in browsers other than Internet Explorer. The browsers that best support this game are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It may also be better to have a graphics card that will make the visuals and screen details look more vivid and clear. The game uses basic HTML format and coding and can be run on PC and mobile phones, so you can literally play this game anywhere, any day, and anytime!

As said earlier, this is one of the interesting online games that has everything packed and served in one game. Gone are the days where one spends money endlessly for a good time. Just go online and the adventures are within your reach. In this game’s case, you just need to ride your way through! Also, for the specific guide to our game’s success, read how to play the best free online games now at

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