Commit e8b3a335 authored by clint's avatar clint

these should have been lowered

parent 62d7dc00
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class CleanUp:
tid = self.lookupTrack(artist, album, track, mbid)
if tid:
print "Adding stid for %s/%s/%s/%s/%s" % (tid,artist,album,track,mbid)
self.acursor = self.conn.Execute("INSERT INTO Scrobble_Track (artist,album,name,mbid,track) VALUES(%(artist)s,%(album)s,%(name)s,%(mbid)s,%(track)s)", {'artist': artist, 'album': album, 'name': track, 'mbid': mbid, 'track': tid})
self.acursor = self.conn.Execute("INSERT INTO Scrobble_Track (artist,album,name,mbid,track) VALUES(lower(%(artist)s),lower(%(album)s),lower(%(name)s),lower(%(mbid)s),%(track)s)", {'artist': artist, 'album': album, 'name': track, 'mbid': mbid, 'track': tid})
print "Adding tid for %s/%s/%s/%s" % (artist,album,track,mbid)
self.acursor = self.conn.Execute("INSERT INTO Track (artist,album,name,mbid) VALUES(%(artist)s,%(album)s,%(name)s,%(mbid)s)", {'artist': artist, 'album': album, 'name': track, 'mbid': mbid})
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