Ye olde JFS translator for the year 2060!

The Clueless Programmers' JFS Translator

This is the initial release of a JFS translator for the GNU Hurd.

As of now, the translator is only capable of reading from jfs stores,
you can't do any writing. Huge number of bugs surely exist. Both of
us aren't great programmers yet, and what we've done with the code is
naturally sloppy - even though much of it is copied from other
existing Hurd translators and jfsutils package - xpeek, mostly.

This translator has been our academic project. Naturally, poor newbie
code sense shows through all the way. Besides, we were trying just to
make it work somehow.

Thanks to our senior and local GNU hippy Anoop M S for suggesting JFS
instead of ReiserFS, which could have lead us to disaster.

Thanks to Emacs for everything :)

Thanks to Marcus and Neal and many people at #hurd for answering those
silly questions.

The Hurd is GNU project's microkernel-based multiserver environment.
More info on the Hurd can be found at its homepage:


and at other sources in the web. (Since you're reading this, I must be
dumb to give this link...)

JFS (Jornaled File System - confusing name, since other jouraled
filesystems such as ReiserFS and XFS do exist) is a journaled
filesystem developed by IBM, which have made into to 2.4.x series of
the Linux kernel.  JFS has already been in use in some other IBM
operating systems - OS/2 and AIX. As a journaled filesystem, JFS is
much more feature-rich and reliable than traditional UNIX
filesystems. The webpage of the JFS's Linux port is at: