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readme cleanup for final v4 release

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Qvitter
* Author: Hannes Mannerheim (<>)
* Last mod.: Nov, 2014
* Last mod.: May, 2015
* Version: 4
* GitHub: <>
......@@ -61,38 +61,4 @@ $config['site']['qvitter']['blocked_ips'] = array();
$config['thumbnail']['maxsize'] = 3000;
Note: Qvitter is tested with GNU social version 1.1.1-alpha2 (7e47026085fa4f2071e694d9c3e3fe2aa5142135).
1. rtl is a little broken, also mobile rtl
1. DM's
1. user actions-cog wheel in users lists, ellipsis button in queets, with block etc
1. lists
1. proxy to non-https for getting conversations the instance doesn't have via jsonp
1. preview different types of attachments, not just images. e.g. mp3's, torrents etc etc
1. Join _new_ external groups and follow _new_ external users ("New" meaning users/groups that the server don't know yet)
1. Creating groups, make admin, block user
1. Search users
1. Recommended users
1. Filters (hide queets containing strings, e.g. mute users)
1. More languages, maybe make proper po/mo-files
1. Admin-interface
1. New "expand queet" api for getting conversation, retweets, favs and attachment in the same request
1. Node.js long polling server and an new api that serve aggregate of all polling users requests in one go
Note: This version of Qvitter is tested with GNU social version 1.1.1-alpha2 (7e47026085fa4f2071e694d9c3e3fe2aa5142135).
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