Commit d25b1854 authored by Audun Larsen's avatar Audun Larsen

Months has small first letter in Norwegian

parent 155195c5
...@@ -33,18 +33,18 @@ ...@@ -33,18 +33,18 @@
"requeetsNoun": "Requeeter", "requeetsNoun": "Requeeter",
"newQueet": "{new-notice-count} ny Queet", "newQueet": "{new-notice-count} ny Queet",
"newQueets": "{new-notice-count} nye Queets", "newQueets": "{new-notice-count} nye Queets",
"longmonthsJanuary": "Januar", "longmonthsJanuary": "januar",
"longmonthsFebruary": "Februar", "longmonthsFebruary": "februar",
"longmonthsMars": "Mars", "longmonthsMars": "mars",
"longmonthsApril": "April", "longmonthsApril": "april",
"longmonthsMay": "Mai", "longmonthsMay": "mai",
"longmonthsJune": "Juni", "longmonthsJune": "juni",
"longmonthsJuly": "Juli", "longmonthsJuly": "juli",
"longmonthsAugust": "August", "longmonthsAugust": "august",
"longmonthsSeptember": "September", "longmonthsSeptember": "september",
"longmonthsOctober": "Oktober", "longmonthsOctober": "oktober",
"longmonthsNovember": "November", "longmonthsNovember": "november",
"longmonthsDecember": "Desember", "longmonthsDecember": "desember",
"shortmonthsJanuary": "jan", "shortmonthsJanuary": "jan",
"shortmonthsFebruary": "feb", "shortmonthsFebruary": "feb",
"shortmonthsMars": "mar", "shortmonthsMars": "mar",
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