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Commit c43d50e5 authored by hannes's avatar hannes

custom terms option in readme

parent 7798a3df
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ $config['site']['qvitter']['sprite'] = Plugin::staticPath('Qvitter', '').'img/sp
$config['site']['qvitter']['enablewelcometext'] = true;
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customwelcometext']['sv'] = '<h1>Välkommen till – en federerad<sup>1</sup> mikrobloggsallmänning!</h1><p>Etc etc...</p>';
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customwelcometext']['en'] = '<h1>Welcome to – a federated microblog common!</h1><p>Etc etc...</p>';
// $config['site']['qvitter']['customtermsofuse'] = 'Our custom terms of use';
$config['site']['qvitter']['blocked_ips'] = array();
// Recommended GNU social settings
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