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......@@ -44,14 +44,14 @@ Optional
For easy updates, you can use /config.php to override the settings in /plugins/Qvitter/QvitterPlugin.php.
For example, add this to your /config.php file:
```// Qvitter-settings
````// Qvitter-settings
$config['site']['qvitter']['enabledbydefault'] = true;
$config['site']['qvitter']['defaultbackgroundcolor'] = '#f4f4f4';
$config['site']['qvitter']['defaultlinkcolor'] = '#0084B4';
$config['site']['qvitter']['timebetweenpolling'] = 5000;
$config['site']['qvitter']['urlshortenerapiurl'] = '';
$config['site']['qvitter']['urlshortenersignature'] = 'b6afeec983';
Note: Qvitter is tested with GNU Social version 1.1.1-alpha2 (7e47026085fa4f2071e694d9c3e3fe2aa5142135).
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