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    extlibs updates: PEAR::Mail to 1.2.0, PEAR::Net_SMTP to 1.4.2 (need to go together as a pair) · 65f2d12b
    Brion Vibber authored
    PEAR::Mail updated to 1.2.0 from 1.1.4, fixes deprecation warnings on PHP 5.3, as well as:
    • QA release - stable.
    • Updated minimum dependencies (Net_SMTP, PEAR, PHP)
    • Doc Bug #15620 Licence change to BSD
    • Bug #13659 Mail parse error in special condition
    • Bug #16200 - Security hole allow to read/write Arbitrary File
    _hasUnclosedQuotes() doesn't properly handle a double slash before an end quote (slusarz@curecanti.org, Bug #9137).
    • Make sure Net_SMTP is defined when calling getSMTPObject() directly (slusarz@curecanti.org, Bug #13772).
    • Add addServiceExtensionParameter() to the SMTP driver (slusarz@curecanti.org, Bug #13764).
    • Add a method to obtain the Net_SMTP object from the SMTP driver (slusarz@curecanti.org, Bug #13766).
    PEAR::Net_SMTP updated to 1.4.2 from 1.3.1, needed to support updated PEAR::Mail:
    • Fixing header string quoting in data(). (Bug #17199)
    • The auth() method now includes an optional $tls parameter that determines whether or not TLS should be attempted (if supported by the PHP runtime and the remote SMTP server). This parameter defaults to true. (Bug #16349)
    • Header data can be specified separately from message body data by passing it as the optional second parameter to ``data()``. This is especially useful when an open file resource is being used to supply message data because it allows header fields (like *Subject:*) to be built dynamically at runtime. (Request #17012)
    • The data() method now accepts either a string or a file resource containing the message data. (Request #16962)
    • All Net_Socket write failures are now recognized. (Bug #16831)
    • Added getGreeting(), for retrieving the server's greeting string. (Request #16066) [needed for PEAR::Mail]
    • We no longer attempt a TLS connection if we're already using a secure socket. (Bug #16254)
    • You can now specify a debug output handler via setDebug(). (Request #16420)
    • TLS connection only gets started if no AUTH methods are sent. (Bug #14944)
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