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    First steps on converting FeedSub into the pub/sub basis for OStatus communications: · dc09453a
    Brion Vibber authored
    * renamed FeedSub plugin to OStatus
    * now setting avatar on subscriptions
    * general fixes for subscription
    * integrated PuSH hub to handle only user timelines on canonical ID url; sends updates directly
    * set $config['feedsub']['nohub'] = true to test w/ foreign feeds that don't have hubs (won't actually receive updates though)
    * a few bits of code documentation
    * HMAC support for verified distributions (safest if sub setup is on HTTPS)
    And a couple core changes:
    * minimizing HTML output for exceptions in API requests to aid in debugging
    * fix for rel=self link in apitimelineuser when id given
    This does not not yet include any of the individual subscription management (Salmon notifications for sub/unsub, etc) nor a nice UI for user subscriptions.
    Needs some further cleanup to treat posts as status updates instead of link references.
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