has moved to IP address -- please double check where you are logging in.

Commit fd0a16ba authored by mmn's avatar mmn

acct uri should be caseinsensitive (so let's do our reconstruction in lowercase)

parent 74429835
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ class WebFingerResource_Profile extends WebFingerResource
if (empty($this->object->nickname) || empty($host)) {
throw new WebFingerReconstructionException($this->object);
$acct = sprintf('acct:%s@%s', $this->object->nickname, $host);
$acct = mb_strtolower(sprintf('acct:%s@%s', $this->object->nickname, $host));
Event::handle('EndWebFingerReconstruction', array($this->object, &$acct));
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