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Commit f321c3c2 authored by mmn's avatar mmn

Make 'activity' a blacklisted nickname

Will add a plugin called ActivityVerb which makes activity interaction
more standardized.
parent 9bb64873
......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ abstract class Installer
// @fixme hardcoded list; should use Nickname::isValid()
// if/when it's safe to have loaded the infrastructure here
$blacklist = array('main', 'panel', 'twitter', 'settings', 'rsd.xml', 'favorited', 'featured', 'favoritedrss', 'featuredrss', 'rss', 'getfile', 'api', 'groups', 'group', 'peopletag', 'tag', 'user', 'message', 'conversation', 'notice', 'attachment', 'search', 'index.php', 'doc', 'opensearch', 'robots.txt', 'xd_receiver.html', 'facebook');
$blacklist = array('main', 'panel', 'twitter', 'settings', 'rsd.xml', 'favorited', 'featured', 'favoritedrss', 'featuredrss', 'rss', 'getfile', 'api', 'groups', 'group', 'peopletag', 'tag', 'user', 'message', 'conversation', 'notice', 'attachment', 'search', 'index.php', 'doc', 'opensearch', 'robots.txt', 'xd_receiver.html', 'facebook', 'activity');
if (in_array($this->adminNick, $blacklist)) {
$this->updateStatus('The user nickname "' . htmlspecialchars($this->adminNick) .
'" is reserved.', true);
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