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Commit e1822c2b authored by mmn's avatar mmn

schemacheck hint in newly installed config.php

parent cd42ee7e
......@@ -424,7 +424,11 @@ abstract class Installer
// database
"\$config['db']['database'] = {$vals['db_database']};\n\n".
($this->db['type'] == 'pgsql' ? "\$config['db']['quote_identifiers'] = true;\n\n":'').
"\$config['db']['type'] = {$vals['db_type']};\n\n";
"\$config['db']['type'] = {$vals['db_type']};\n\n".
"// Uncomment below for better performance. Just remember you must run\n".
"// php scripts/checkschema.php whenever your enabled plugins change!\n".
"//\$config['db']['schemacheck'] = 'script';\n\n";
// Normalize line endings for Windows servers
$cfg = str_replace("\n", PHP_EOL, $cfg);
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