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Commit c0ef1675 authored by mmn's avatar mmn

create storage directories automatically

parent 2f836e2a
......@@ -135,8 +135,14 @@ abstract class Installer
// Check the subdirs used for file uploads
$fileSubdirs = array('avatar', 'file');
foreach ($fileSubdirs as $fileSubdir) {
$fileFullPath = INSTALLDIR."/$fileSubdir/";
if (!is_writable($fileFullPath)) {
$fileFullPath = INSTALLDIR."/$fileSubdir";
if (!file_exists($fileFullPath)) {
$pass = $pass && mkdir($fileFullPath);
} elseif (!is_dir($fileFullPath)) {
$this->warning(sprintf('GNU social expected a directory but found something else on this path: %s', $fileFullPath),
'Either make sure it goes to a directory or remove it and a directory will be created.');
$pass = false;
} elseif (!is_writable($fileFullPath)) {
$this->warning(sprintf('Cannot write to %s directory: <code>%s</code>', $fileSubdir, $fileFullPath),
sprintf('On your server, try this command: <code>chmod a+w %s</code>', $fileFullPath));
$pass = false;
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