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Commit bacd49a6 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Don't try to replace http with https if https already exists

parent 83cb1dfa
......@@ -306,10 +306,13 @@ class HubSub extends Managed_DataObject
if ('http' === parse_url($this->callback, PHP_URL_SCHEME)) {
// Test if the feed callback for this node has migrated to HTTPS
$httpscallback = preg_replace('/^http/', 'https', $this->callback, 1);
if ($httpscallback === $this->callback) {
throw new ServerException('Trying to preg_replace http to https on '._ve($this->callback).' failed and resulted in an identical string: '._ve($httpscallback).'.');
$alreadyreplaced = self::getByHashKey(self::hashkey($this->getTopic(), $httpscallback));
if ($alreadyreplaced instanceof HubSub) {
throw new AlreadyFulfilledException('The remote side has already established an HTTPS callback, deleting the legacy HTTP entry.');
common_debug('PuSH callback to '._ve($this->callback).' for '._ve($this->getTopic()).' testing with HTTPS callback: '._ve($httpscallback));
common_debug('PuSH callback to '._ve($this->callback).' for '._ve($this->getTopic()).' trying HTTPS callback: '._ve($httpscallback));
$response = $request->post($httpscallback, $headers);
if ($response->isOk()) {
$orig = clone($this);
......@@ -44,10 +44,11 @@ class HubOutQueueHandler extends QueueHandler
try {
} catch (AlreadyFulfilledException $e) {
common_log(LOG_INFO, "Failed PuSH to $sub->callback for $sub->topic (".get_class($e)."): " . $e->getMessage());
} catch (Exception $e) {
$msg = "Failed PuSH to $sub->callback for $sub->topic: " .
$msg = "Failed PuSH to $sub->callback for $sub->topic (".get_class($e)."): " . $e->getMessage();
if ($retries > 0) {
common_log(LOG_INFO, "$msg; scheduling for $retries more tries");
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