Commit af4f2a18 authored by Brian Tegtmeier's avatar Brian Tegtmeier Committed by mmn

Changed .attr() to .prop() for checked and disabled. Removed "style" removal...

Changed .attr() to .prop() for checked and disabled. Removed "style" removal which I assume was tied to opacity setting on line 9. Replaced "style" setting via attr() on line 12 with css().
parent 6fa9062d
$(function() {
function toggleIncomingOptions() {
var enabled = $('#emailpost').attr('checked');
var enabled = $('#emailpost').prop('checked', true);
if (enabled) {
// Note: button style currently does not respond to disabled in our main themes.
// Graying out the whole section with a 50% transparency will do for now. :)
// @todo: add a general 'disabled' class style to the base themes.
$('#emailincoming').css('opacity', '')
.find('input').prop('disabled', false);
} else {
$('#emailincoming').attr('style', 'opacity: 0.5')
.find('input').attr('disabled', 'disabled');
$('#emailincoming').css('opacity', '0.5')
.find('input').prop('disabled', true);
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