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Commit aac6a21c authored by Sandro Santilli's avatar Sandro Santilli

Fix OpenID discovery in pages using uppercase <HEAD> tag

Closes #60

Equivalent change was proposed upstream:
parent 6679ecb9
......@@ -218,21 +218,11 @@ class Auth_OpenID_Parse {
function match($regexp, $text, &$match)
if (!is_callable('mb_ereg_search_init')) {
if (!preg_match($regexp, $text, $match)) {
return false;
$match = $match[0];
return true;
if (preg_match($regexp, $text, $match)) {
return true;
$regexp = substr($regexp, 1, strlen($regexp) - 2 - strlen($this->_re_flags));
if (!mb_ereg_search($regexp)) {
return false;
$match = mb_ereg_search_getregs();
return true;
return false;
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