Commit a84c4e35 authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

add api/laconica for backwards compatibility

parent a21ca17f
......@@ -401,16 +401,22 @@ class Router
array('action' => 'api',
'apiaction' => 'statusnet'));
// For older methods, we provide "laconica" base action
array('action' => 'api',
'apiaction' => 'statusnet'));
// Groups and tags are newer than 0.8.1 so no backward-compatibility
// necessary
// Groups
//'list' has to be handled differently, as php will not allow a method to be named 'list'
array('action' => 'api',
'method' => 'list_groups',
'apiaction' => 'groups'));
foreach (array('xml', 'json', 'rss', 'atom') as $e) {
$m->connect('api/statusnet/groups/list.' . $e,
array('action' => 'api',
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