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Commit 93bea7ff authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix for OpenID-only private sites: we were removing the 'login' and 'register'...

Fix for OpenID-only private sites: we were removing the 'login' and 'register' actions from the routing system entirely, which meant that login links & redirects from unauthenticated views on private sites (as well as various re-auth situations even on non-private sites) would break and send to the main page instead.

Changed it to leave the 'login' and 'register' actions in the system; we're already taking them over and redirecting them to the OpenID login page, so they won't be reached by accident; but now those redirects can be reached on purpose. ;)
Better long-term fix may be to allow some aliasing, so we can have common_local_url('login') actually send us straight to the OpenID login page instead of having to go through an intermediate redirect, but this'll do.
parent 20f21674
......@@ -102,9 +102,14 @@ class OpenIDPlugin extends Plugin
function onStartConnectPath(&$path, &$defaults, &$rules, &$result)
if (common_config('site', 'openidonly')) {
static $block = array('main/login',
// Note that we should not remove the login and register
// actions. Lots of auth-related things link to them,
// such as when visiting a private site without a session
// or revalidating a remembered login for admin work.
// We take those two over with redirects to ourselves
// over in onArgsInitialize().
static $block = array('main/recoverpassword',
if (in_array($path, $block)) {
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