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Commit 8d26d83d authored by mattl's avatar mattl

Merge branch 'group-join-approve-reject-button-icons' into 'nightly'

Add icons to group-join approval/rejection buttons

Relates to #106 

See merge request !66
parents 2dd968f9 b5376963
......@@ -2242,6 +2242,8 @@ button.close,
.form_user_add_peopletag input.submit,
.form_peopletag_subscribe input.submit,
.form_peopletag_unsubscribe input.submit,
.form_group_queue #approve,
.form_group_queue #cancel,
.notice-options .repeated,
.form_notice label.notice_data-geo,
......@@ -2283,6 +2285,14 @@ background-repeat:no-repeat;
.form_group_queue #approve {
background-position:2px -2174px;
.form_group_queue #cancel {
background-position:2px -2240px;
.form_group_leave input.submit,
.form_user_unsubscribe input.submit,
.form_user_remove_peopletag input.submit,
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