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Commit 60e7dc1e authored by chimo's avatar chimo

Add a few missing 'attachments' config options

parent 5b09a150
......@@ -563,6 +563,11 @@ sslserver: if specified, this server will be used when creating HTTPS
sslpath: if this and the sslserver are specified, this path will be used
when creating HTTPS URLs. Otherwise, the attachments|path value
will be used.
show_thumbs: show thumbnails in notice lists for uploaded images, and photos
and videos linked remotely that provide oEmbed info. Defaults to true.
show_html: show (filtered) text/html attachments (and oEmbed HTML etc.).
Doesn't affect AJAX calls. Defaults to false.
filename_base: for new files, choose one: 'upload', 'hash'. Defaults to hash.
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