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Commit 4b40d6bb authored by mmn's avatar mmn

TagprofileAction fiddled with, now doesn't require OStatus override

But it still doesn't quite work properly, so a lot of work is necessary for this.
parent 7f0c7e8e
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......@@ -233,36 +233,6 @@ class OStatusPlugin extends Plugin
return true;
function onStartShowTagProfileForm($action, $profile)
$action->elementStart('form', array('method' => 'post',
'id' => 'form_tag_user',
'class' => 'form_settings',
'name' => 'tagprofile',
'action' => common_local_url('tagprofile', array('id' => @$profile->id))));
// TRANS: Fieldset legend.
$action->element('legend', null, _m('List remote profile'));
$action->hidden('token', common_session_token());
$user = common_current_user();
$action->elementStart('ul', 'form_data');
// TRANS: Field label.
$action->input('uri', _m('LABEL','Remote profile'), $action->trimmed('uri'),
// TRANS: Field title.
_m('OStatus user\'s address, like or'));
// TRANS: Button text to fetch remote profile.
$action->submit('fetch', _m('BUTTON','Fetch'));
function onStartTagProfileAction($action, $profile)
$err = null;
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