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Commit 3b5fabbe authored by nee's avatar nee

set the html sanitizer cache directory to ['cache']['dir'] from the config file;

parent 50f9f23f
......@@ -773,6 +773,13 @@ high: if you need high performance, or if you're seeing bad
performance, set this to true. It will turn off some high-intensity code from
the site.
dir: A string path to a writable directory that will be used as temporary cache
for some functions (currently just the HtmlSanitizer).
If it is not set, the GNU social installation directory will be used.
......@@ -597,6 +597,9 @@ function common_purify($html)
$cfg->set('Attr.AllowedRel', ['bookmark', 'directory', 'enclosure', 'home', 'license', 'nofollow', 'payment', 'tag']); //
$cfg->set('HTML.ForbiddenAttributes', array('style')); // id, on* etc. are already filtered by default
$cfg->set('URI.AllowedSchemes', array_fill_keys(common_url_schemes(), true));
if (common_config('cache', 'dir')) {
$cfg->set('Cache.SerializerPath', common_config('cache', 'dir'));
// Remove more elements than what the default filter removes, default in GNU social are remotely
// linked resources such as img, video, audio
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