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Commit 06d918d5 authored by Zach Copley's avatar Zach Copley

Strip out the special 'p' paramter added by index.php from

$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] before doing OAuth requests. Required by the
latest version of the OAuth lib.
parent a5499179
......@@ -86,11 +86,18 @@ class ApiOauthAction extends Action
// strip out the p param added in index.php
// XXX: should we strip anything else? Or alternatively
// only allow a known list of params?
$queryArray = explode('&', $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($queryArray); $i++) {
if (substr($queryArray[$i], 0, 1) == 'p=') {
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] = implode('&', $queryString);
function getCallback($url, $params)
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