has moved to IP address -- please double check where you are logging in.

Commit 0410462c authored by Evan Prodromou's avatar Evan Prodromou

add OpenID data to the Webfinger XRD file so you can login with it elsewhere

parent 86383ecb
......@@ -735,4 +735,29 @@ class OpenIDPlugin extends Plugin
return true;
* Add link in user's XRD file to allow OpenID login.
* This link in the XRD should let users log in with their
* Webfinger identity to services that support it. See
* for an example.
* @param XRD &$xrd Currently-displaying XRD object
* @param User $user The user that it's for
* @return boolean hook value (always true)
function onEndXrdActionLinks(&$xrd, $user)
$profile = $user->getProfile();
if (!empty($profile)) {
$xrd->links[] = array('rel' => '',
'href' => $profile->profileurl);
return true;
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