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    ActivityGenerationTests.php fails but doesn't crash anymore. · 1f866fca
    Nym Coy authored
    Fixed an error where a profile id was reused after another profile was
    deleted, and the new profile still had the deleted role.
    Fixed ActivityGenerationTests::testNoticeInfoRepeated() which was passing
    User instead of Profile, throwing errors.
    tests/ActivityGenerationTests.php now passes.
    CommandInterpreterTest now passes.
    Moved JidValidateTest to XmppValidateTest, since Jabber functionality has
    moved to the XmppPlugin. Tests work but don't pass, but they are at least
    skipped if XmppPlugin is not active.
    LocationTest passes, but the tests are not very good. Lots of nulls.
    MediaFileTest passes.
    NicknameTest passes. Nickname::normalize() now throws an error if the
    nickname is too long with underscores.
    UserFeedParseTest passes.
    URLDetectionTest passes if $config['linkify']['(bare_ipv4|bare_ipv6|
    bare_domains)'] are false. Untested otherwise.
    Fixed Nickname::isBlacklisted() so it does not throw an error if
    $config['nickname]['blacklist'] not set.