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    Update activity streams JSON to match spec · 297d603f
    Zach Copley authored
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 0722450267a1d0f4bdc2853f52a85b850329db73
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Thu Aug 25 09:58:29 2011 -0700
        Updgrade activity object json
    commit 882ba1dceaba8a0b3ec3513760aa09f68e41f270
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed Aug 24 16:30:07 2011 -0700
        Update to the JSON activity serialization document
    commit 121e441b314b93e184711c3dcc79ada69d429eba
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed Aug 24 15:08:06 2011 -0700
        Output application/json instead of application/stream+json (at least for now)
    commit e045e214bffe5e0ddeb0a42555d440b75ae4edde
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed Aug 24 15:06:40 2011 -0700
        Update to use latest property names from the JSON activity spec
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