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    Add scripts/sendemail.php to send email to a user's address. Updated... · 06cd3358
    Brion Vibber authored
    Add scripts/sendemail.php to send email to a user's address. Updated to create a user with the site's nick, accept site tags, and send a mail to the user (if a template is set)
    Email and tag params added to the end: mysite 'My Site' '' '1user'
    (If multiple tags are needed, separate them with a pipe "|". Be sure to quote properly!)
    New parameters for setup.cfg need to be set:
    export PHPBASE=/var/www/statusnet
    export MAILTEMPLATE=/etc/statusnet/newsite-mail.txt
    export MAILSUBJECT="Your new StatusNet site"
    $PHPBASE is the base dir for a callable StatusNet install, used to run command-line scripts for user setup.
    $WILDCARD is the wildcard domain, needed to build a full server name to pass into command-line scripts.
    $MAILTEMPLATE points to a file containing an e-mail message template. '$nickname', '$sitename', and '$userpass' can be used in the template for substitution.
    $MAILSUBJECT is the subject line for said email.
    To skip sending an email on creation, leave $MAILTEMPLATE blank or point to a non-existing file.
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