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    Avatar resizing improvements and better code reuse · a23c4aa2
    mattl authored
    * getOriginal added to Avatar class
        This is a static function that retrieves the original avatar in a leaner
        way than Profile->getOriginalAvatar() did (see below).
        This will throw an Exception if there was none to be found.
    * getProfileAvatars added to Avatar class
        This gets all Avatars from a profile and returns them in an array.
    * newSize added to Avatar class
        This will scale an original avatar or throw an Exception (originally from
        Avatar::getOriginal) if one wasn't found.
    * deleteFromProfile added to Avatar class
        Deletes all avatars for a Profile. This makes the code much smarter when
        removing all avatars from a user.
        Previously only specific, hardcoded (through constants) sizes would be
        deleted. If you ever changed lib/framework.php then many oddsized avatars
        would remain with the old method.
    * Migrated Profile class to new Avatar::getOriginal support
        Profile class now uses Avatar::getOriginal through its own
        $this->getOriginalAvatar and thus remains backwards compatible.
    * Updating stock GNU Social to use Avatar::getOriginal
        All places where core StatusNet code used the
        $profile->getOriginalAvatar, it will now useAvatar::getOriginal with
        proper error handling.
    * Updated Profile class to use Avatar::newSize
        When doing setOriginal, the scaling will be done with the new method
        introduced in this merge.
        This also edits the _fillAvatar function to avoid adding NULL values to
        the array (which causes errors when attempting to access array entries as
        objects). See issue #3478 at http://status.net/open-source/issues/3478
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