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    Implemented WebFinger and replaced our XRD with PEAR XML_XRD · a0e107f1
    mattl authored
    New plugins:
    * LRDD
        LRDD implements client-side RFC6415 and RFC7033 resource descriptor
        discovery procedures. I.e. LRDD, host-meta and WebFinger stuff.
        OStatus and OpenID now depend on the LRDD plugin (XML_XRD).
    * WebFinger
        This plugin implements the server-side of RFC6415 and RFC7033. Note:
        WebFinger technically doesn't handle XRD, but we serve both that and
        JRD (JSON Resource Descriptor), depending on Accept header and one
        ugly hack to check for old StatusNet installations.
        WebFinger depends on LRDD.
    We might make this even prettier by using Net_WebFinger, but it is not
    currently RFC7033 compliant (no /.well-known/webfinger resource GETs).
    Disabling the WebFinger plugin would effectively render your site non-
    federated (which might be desired on a private site).
    Disabling the LRDD plugin would make your site unable to do modern web
    URI lookups (making life just a little bit harder).
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