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    Fancier invitation form for whitelisted domains · 8597856b
    Zach Copley authored
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 1c0766e8f9d9e962ec553e2fb35bd2f944ffb4b0
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Mon May 9 17:00:51 2011 -0700
        Make the invites from the fancier invite form save
    commit 9ea45b7cf38eda8dad1d82e87b3400413a532079
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Fri May 6 16:14:40 2011 -0700
        .js to let the user add (and remove) additional invitees from their domain
    commit b2a02339bd11d02c7cba24629dde359e22de32b6
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Thu May 5 15:44:49 2011 -0700
        Load special whitelist invite .js when loading the invite page
    commit 132fed7550b40cd1d46ee506fd83974a116bce32
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed May 4 18:35:49 2011 -0700
        Remove settings class from whitelist inviter form
    commit a38437351b505594aead5da86af9a5ed089666b6
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed May 4 18:21:18 2011 -0700
        Make a fancier form for whitelist domain invites
    commit 710d4f41edf412871a9c1fbf33af317226485325
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed May 4 17:34:09 2011 -0700
        Add some more events to the invitation page
    commit 2449e4e0c1bf11568968cfc3ea2d8e69db2d875e
    Author: Zach Copley <zach@status.net>
    Date:   Wed May 4 17:12:36 2011 -0700
        Refactor invite action a bit
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