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    OpenID access control options: trusted provider URL, Launchpad team... · 7c828ae5
    Brion Vibber authored
    OpenID access control options: trusted provider URL, Launchpad team restrictions. Added an admin panel for setting these and OpenID-only mode, off by default.
    To enable the admin panel:
        $config['admin']['panels'][] = 'openid';
    Or to set them manually:
        $config['openid']['trusted_provider'] = 'https://login.ubuntu.net/';
        $config['openid']['required_team'] = 'my-project-cabal';
        $config['site']['openidonly'] = true;
    OpenID-only mode can still be set from addPlugin() parameters as well for backwards compatibility.
    Note: if it's set there, that value will override the setting from the database or config.php.
    Note that team restrictions are only really meaningful if a trusted provider is set; otherwise,
    any OpenID server could report back that users are members of the given team.
    Restrictions are checked only at OpenID authentication time and will not kick off people currently
    with a session open; existing remembered logins may also survive these changes.
    Using code for Launchpad team support provided by Canonical under AGPLv3, pulled from r27 of
    WordPress teams integration plugin:
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