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    Squashed commit of the following: · 22fead1b
    Evan Prodromou authored
    commit fb1dfa9e98ded23fb5bdebae6465424a8cb8acd6
    Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
    Date:   Thu Oct 20 10:40:07 2011 -0400
        Use popular notice stream for favorited page
    commit e1d409ff738e39061ad35589d546ce9bed456975
    Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
    Date:   Thu Oct 20 10:32:23 2011 -0400
        Use a caching stream for popular notice section
        Instead of a big cached query, we now use a caching notice stream for
        the popular notice section. It uses a single-table query at the
        bottom, then scopes the notices and filters for silenced users. This
        should be much nicer to our database servers.
        Also clears the popular cache when someone favors or disfavors
        something. A nice optimization would be to save the last weights and
        re-calculate them at invalidation time, adding the new notice (or not)
        depending on its own score. That will have to wait for another day,
    commit e9b7ab4c26c95e755adaff53c3957dcfca31c16b
    Author: Evan Prodromou <evan@status.net>
    Date:   Thu Oct 20 10:31:14 2011 -0400
        Let CachingNoticeStream users skip the ';last' optimization
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