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[tags]( to help you
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organize your activities here. You can use tags for people and for

Tagging a notice

You can tag a notice using a *hashtag*; a # character followed by
letters and numbers as well as '.', '-', and '_'. Note that accented
latin characters are not supported, and non-roman scripts are right out.

The HTML for the notice will link to a stream of all the other notices
with that tag. This can be a great way to keep track of a conversation.

Tagging yourself

You can also add tags for yourself on your [profile
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settings](%%action.profilesettings%%) page or by using the edit tags
button on your profile page. Use single words to
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describe yourself, your experiences and your interest. The tags will
become links on your profile page to a list of all the users on the
site who use that same tag. It can be a nice way to find people who
are related to you geographically or who have a common interest.

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Tagging others

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You can also tag other users by using the edit tags button next to
their profile. Such tags are called *people tags*. Once you have
created a people tag, you can add or remove users from it using the
tag's edit form. This makes it easy to organize your subscriptions
into groups and sort through them separately. Also, it will let
you create custom lists of people that others can subscribe to.

You can also send a notice "to the attention of" your subscribers
whom you've marked with a particular tag (note: *not* people who've
marked themselves with that tag). "@#family hello" will send a
notice to all your subscribers you've marked with the tag 'family'.

Private and public people tags

A private people tag is only visible to the creator, it cannot be
subscribed to, but the timeline can be viewed. To create a new
private prepend a '.' to the tag in the tags editing box. To set
an existing public tag as private or vice-versa, go to the tag's
edit page.