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      Initial move towards microformats2 · 414a95a7
      mmn authored
      No validation has been attempted yet. Lots of changes left. This
      is visibly not (very) different from the previous CSS layout. But
      some simplifications have been made.
      Might cause issues with local changes to themes and CSS. Also maybe
      javascript which depends on certain legacy microformats elements.
      The move to microformats2 is motivated by the announcement that all
      microformats should be migrated to version 2, as of 2014-06-20 at:
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      Fix issue #3035: search highlighting broke URLs in some imported messages (Twitter) · 8e7c279c
      Brion Vibber authored
      Search highlighting was being done with a regex on raw HTML text, followed by a second regex undoing replacements within double-quoted attribute values.
      This broke on imported Twitter messages, as the way we generate the markup uses single quotes on the attributes, which didn't get matched by the second regex.
      I've replaced this do-then-undo cycle by dividing up the import HTML into freetext spans and tags; the freetext gets replaced, while the tags are left untouched.
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      Bringing Sphinx search support up to code: broken out to a plugin, now... · 53c86c43
      Brion Vibber authored
      Bringing Sphinx search support up to code: broken out to a plugin, now supports multiple sites on a single server.
      Upgrade notes:
      * Index names have changed from hardcoded 'Identica_people' and 'Identica_notices' to use the database name and actual table names. Must reindex.
      New events:
      * GetSearchEngine to override default search engine class selection from plugins
      New scripts:
      * gen_config.php generates a sphinx.conf from database configuration (with theoretical support for status_network table, but it doesn't seem to be cleanly queriable right now without knowing the db setup info for that. Needs generalized support.)
      * Replaced old sphinx-indexer.sh and sphinx-cron.sh with index_update.php
      Other fixes:
      * sphinx.conf.sample better matches our live config, skipping unused stopword list and using a more realistic indexer memory limit
      Further notes:
      * Probably doesn't work right with PostgreSQL yet; Sphinx can pull from PG but the extraction queries currently look like they use some MySQL-specific functions.
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      Added configuration option to only allow OpenID logins. · 14b46e21
      Jeffery To authored
      If $config['site']['openidonly'] is set to true:
      * the Login/Register pages will be removed from the navigation;
      * directly accesses to the Login/Register pages will redirect to the
        OpenID login page;
      * most links to the Login/Register pages will link to the OpenID login
        page instead.
      The user will still need to set a password to access the API and RSS
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      Unify feeds definition in actions · 22b10399
      Evan Prodromou authored
      I got a little sick of trying to keep the export data and <head> links
      synched in actions, so I made a common method, getFeeds(), which gets
      the feeds for both. It returns an array of Feed objects, which know
      about what their mime type is, title, location, all that jazz.
      I changed the FeedList class so it handles the new Feed objects
      instead of the old array of data.
      I changed all the actions that show feeds (I think...) so that they
      now use getFeeds() for all their feed needs.
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