1. 04 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      Subscription::ensureStart skips AlreadyFulfilledException · ec4e432d
      mmn authored
      Sometimes we just want to accept the user's wrong, but when it comes
      to remote APIs etc. we probably want to let the client know it has
      done something already (in this case multiple identical subscription
      requests - which might indicate to it that it should refresh the sub
      lists or something).
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      The overloaded DB_DataObject function staticGet is now called getKV · 2a4dc77a
      mmn authored
      I used this hacky sed-command (run it from your GNU Social root, or change the first grep's path to where it actually lies) to do a rough fix on all ::staticGet calls and rename them to ::getKV
         sed -i -s -e '/DataObject::staticGet/I!s/::staticGet/::getKV/Ig' $(grep -R ::staticGet `pwd`/* | grep -v -e '^extlib' | grep -v DataObject:: |grep -v "function staticGet"|cut -d: -f1 |sort |uniq)
      If you're applying this, remember to change the Managed_DataObject and Memcached_DataObject function definitions of staticGet to getKV!
      This might of course take some getting used to, or modification fo StatusNet plugins, but the result is that all the static calls (to staticGet) are now properly made without breaking PHP Strict Standards. Standards are there to be followed (and they caused some very bad confusion when used with get_called_class)
      Reasonably any plugin or code that tests for the definition of 'GNUSOCIAL' or similar will take this change into consideration.
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      Translator comments added · 91ee2ea3
      Siebrand Mazeland authored
      L10n updates
      Remove superfluous whitespace
      Number parameters in message when two or more are used
      ClientException and ServerException should end with a period
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