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  1. 28 Feb, 2011 3 commits
  2. 23 Jan, 2011 6 commits
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      Add internal URL shortener · 570c7b63
      Evan Prodromou authored
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      make nav look right-ish in shiny · ba2128f2
      Evan Prodromou authored
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      Make new menu the default menu · 592e2be5
      Evan Prodromou authored
      There's a new menu layout in this version of the software. It was
      implemented as a plugin in 0.9.x to avoid clashes with existing themes,
      but we're going to break that compatibility in this version, so we're just going for it.
      This change involved moving all the changes in NewMenuPlugin into the
      default code that was calling it. In addition, since
      accountsettingsaction and connectsettingsaction differed only by menu,
      I removed them, changed all references to them to the settingsmenu, and moved
      the combined nav to its own class.
      Let's put that episode behind us.
      The CSS shim that was loaded by NewMenuPlugin for certain themes and certain actions
      was removed.
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      make 'admin' a safe user name · e53793ed
      Evan Prodromou authored
      'admin' is a pretty common username that people try when installing;
      it was blacklisted because all of our admin panels were at /admin/*,
      which would conflict with the admin user's namespace.
      Changed the location of all admin panels to /panel/*, blacklisted the
      nickname 'panel', and allowed 'admin'. Tested with a fresh install;
      seems to work great.
  3. 14 Jan, 2011 3 commits
  4. 12 Jan, 2011 2 commits
  5. 10 Jan, 2011 1 commit
  6. 08 Jan, 2011 3 commits
  7. 07 Jan, 2011 2 commits
  8. 06 Jan, 2011 1 commit
  9. 05 Jan, 2011 5 commits
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  11. 03 Jan, 2011 3 commits
  12. 31 Dec, 2010 6 commits
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      Bookmark plugin: tweak post-upload success message to distinguish between... · ae59046b
      Brion Vibber authored
      Bookmark plugin: tweak post-upload success message to distinguish between "already done" (UnQueueManager) and "started, should finish eventually" (other queue manager)
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      Bookmark plugin: fix for delicious import with queues enabled · 3368c33b
      Brion Vibber authored
      We were passing DOM nodes directly into the queues for the final bookmark import stage; unfortunately these don't actually survive serialization.
      Moved the extraction of properties from the HTML up to the first-stage handler, so now we don't have to worry about moving DOM nodes from one handler to the next. Instead passing an associative array of properties, which is fed into the Bookmark::saveNew by the per-bookmark handler.
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      Bookmark plugin: fixes for bad DOM element nesting in delicious import data · fedfde9b
      Brion Vibber authored
      delicious bookmark exports use the godawful HTML bookmark file format that ancient versions of Netscape used (and has thus been the common import/export format for bookmarks since the dark ages of the web :)
      This arranges bookmark entries as an HTML definition list, using a lot of implied close tags (leaving off the </dt> and </dd>).
      DOMDocument->loadHTML() uses libxml2's HTML mode, which generally does ok with muddling through things but apparently is really, really bad about handling those implied close tags.
      Sequences of adjacent <dt> elements (eg bookmark without a description, followed by another bookmark "<dt><dt>"), end up interpreted as nested ("<dt><dt></dt></dt>") instead of as siblings ("<dt></dt><dt></dt>").
      The first round of code tried to resolve the nesting inline, but ended up a bit funky in places.
      I've replaced this with a standalone run through the data to re-order the elements, based on our knowing that <dt> and <dd> cannot directly contain one another; once that's done, our main logic loop can be a bit cleaner. I'm not 100% sure it's doing nested sublists correctly, but these don't seem to show up in delicious export (and even if they do, with the way we flatten the input it shouldn't make a difference).
      Also fixed a clearer edge case where some bookmarks didn't get imported when missing descriptions.
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      Bookmark plugin: graceful error out for failure to import a delicious bookmark... · 56875318
      Brion Vibber authored
      Bookmark plugin: graceful error out for failure to import a delicious bookmark due to it being already bookmarked
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      Fix up edge case in nickname processing: overlong display forms should be... · 80e2f4f5
      Brion Vibber authored
      Fix up edge case in nickname processing: overlong display forms should be rejected before normalization (storage of display forms will also have fields with limited length)
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