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      listFind throws NoResultException on no results · 2770ef97
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      Added Profile_prefs class for profile preferences · c3d46b81
      mattl authored
      Profile_prefs aims to consolidate all the profile preferences into a
      single table. Otherwise we end up with a bajillion *_prefs classes, like
      User_urlshortener_prefs, or new fields in existing User/Profile classes,
      like 'urlshorteningservice', 'homepage', 'phone_number', 'pet_name' etc.
      Eventually we should migrate as many user-settable preferences as we can
      into this system.
      The data in Profile_prefs is organized by:
          * profile_id    Identify the current Profile.
          * namespace     Which plugin/section the preference is for.
          * topic         Preference name (like 'homepage')
          * data          Preference data (like 'https://gnu.org/')
      The names 'topic' and 'data' are because 'key' and 'value' may be rather
      ambigous when dealing with our DB_DataObject classes etc.