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  1. 20 Oct, 2013 9 commits
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      plugins/Xmpp/README fixed typos · c70a5195
      Florian Schmaus authored
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      Improved plugins/Xmpp/README · b7d45e17
      Florian Schmaus authored
      Added the relevant section in INSTALL about queues and daemons to get
      the plugin runnig.
      Made resource required, as otherwise XMPPHP will send invalid from JIDs
      in it's stanzas. For example when my configuration didn't had the
      resource part, outbound stanzas looked like this:
      	User &quot;flow&quot; on GNU Social has said that your
      	XMPP/Jabber/GTalk screenname belongs to them.
      Note the '/' at the end of the from attribute, without an actual
      XMPP resource. But according to RFC6122 2.1 "every allowable portion of
      a JID MUST NOT be zero bytes in length". Causing a jid-malformed
      response from the server.
      Also, it's nice to know that debug=true will print out all sent and
      received stanzas, which helped me to debug the problem.
      Furthermore I add a note that if the XMPP services uses DNS SRV records,
      'host' has to be configured (in cases where service host != xmpp domain).
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      Strict type check against false in User_group · 9811783f
      mattl authored
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      WebFingerResource introduced, instead of strict Profile object · e868ebfe
      mattl authored
      This is the beginning of getting notice URI info via WebFinger
      *XrdActionLinks is renamed *WebFingerProfileLinks, check EVENTS.txt
      in WebFinger plugin for new events.
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      Apparently only one atom:content is allowed · d632df32
      mattl authored
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      Switch order of html/text for StatusNet backwards compatibility · 802734d0
      mattl authored
      StatusNet chooses the first content element in an Atom feed, while
      it should really choose the 'html' representation for its 'rendered'
      and 'text' representation for the (text-only) 'content'.
      GNU social will implement a better algorithm for retrieving Atom
      feeds, but that is yet to be done. So to avoid having link-less posts
      on remote nodes, we'll just do the old switch-a-roo.
      Other Atom readers, such as Mozilla Firefox, has the reverse priority
      (choosing the last of the content elements).
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