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  1. 18 May, 2014 1 commit
  2. 21 Apr, 2014 3 commits
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      Redirect from Attachment_thumbnailAction · c862b3f3
      mattl authored
      Noone should trust an <img/> tag delivered like that anyway.
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      Dynamically generate thumbnails (see full text) · d59eb5e1
      mattl authored
      The File object now stores width and height of files that can
      supply this kind of information. Formats which we can not read
      natively in PHP do not currently benefit from this. However an
      event hook will be introduced later.
      The CreateFileImageThumbnail event is renamed to:
      CreateFileImageThumbnailSource to clarify that the hooks should not
      generate their own thumbnails but only the source image. Also it now
      accepts File objects, not MediaFile objects.
      The thumbnail generation is documented in the source code. For
      developers, call 'getThumbnail' on a File object and hope for the best.
      Default thumbnail sizes have increased to be more appealing.
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      Preparing File for dynamic thumbnail generation. · b3bf0369
      mattl authored
  3. 15 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      Some files got updated coding style · 418b3c3c
      mattl authored
      Actions have $this->scoped as the current profile which we can gladly
      replace all the $cur=common_current_user() with.
      And we want the prepare/handle functions to be protected. Plus only
      the prepare function uses $args (which _must_ be an array).
  4. 18 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      The overloaded DB_DataObject function staticGet is now called getKV · 2a4dc77a
      mattl authored
      I used this hacky sed-command (run it from your GNU Social root, or change the first grep's path to where it actually lies) to do a rough fix on all ::staticGet calls and rename them to ::getKV
         sed -i -s -e '/DataObject::staticGet/I!s/::staticGet/::getKV/Ig' $(grep -R ::staticGet `pwd`/* | grep -v -e '^extlib' | grep -v DataObject:: |grep -v "function staticGet"|cut -d: -f1 |sort |uniq)
      If you're applying this, remember to change the Managed_DataObject and Memcached_DataObject function definitions of staticGet to getKV!
      This might of course take some getting used to, or modification fo StatusNet plugins, but the result is that all the static calls (to staticGet) are now properly made without breaking PHP Strict Standards. Standards are there to be followed (and they caused some very bad confusion when used with get_called_class)
      Reasonably any plugin or code that tests for the definition of 'GNUSOCIAL' or similar will take this change into consideration.
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