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  1. 13 Aug, 2010 12 commits
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      Missing file from SubMirror. :P · 729912e3
      Brion Vibber authored
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      OStatus/FeedSub: tweaked PuSH feed garbage collection so other plugins can... · 7e55fc00
      Brion Vibber authored
      OStatus/FeedSub: tweaked PuSH feed garbage collection so other plugins can declare usage of a low-level feed or an OStatus profile besides profile subscriptions & group memberships.
      SubMirror: redid add-mirror frontend to accept a feed URL, then pass that on to OStatus, instead of pulling from your subscriptions.
      Profile: tweaked subscriberCount() so it doesn't subtract 1 for foreign profiles who aren't subscribed to themselves; instead excludes the self-subscription in the count query.
      Memcached_DataObject: tweak to avoid extra error spew in the DB error raising
      Work in progress: tweaking feedsub garbage collection so we can count other uses
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      Partial fix for ticket #2489 -- problems with SNI SSL virtual host certificate validation. · ebd2fc2f
      Brion Vibber authored
      Two prongs here:
      * We attempt to enable SNI on the SSL stream context with the appropriate hostname... This requires PHP 5.3.2 and OpenSSL that supports the TLS extensions. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working in my testing.
      * If set $config['http']['curl'] = true, we'll use the CURL backend if available. In my testing on Ubuntu 10.04, this works. No guarantees on other systems.
      I'm not enabling CURL mode by default just yet; want to make sure there's no other surprises.
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      SubMirror plugin initial checkin: allows setting up automatic mirroring of... · 300ed65d
      Brion Vibber authored
      SubMirror plugin initial checkin: allows setting up automatic mirroring of posts from any of your subscriptions into your own stream, either via repeat or by copying the text.
      The UI for setup and editing is a bit nasty for now. Can be reached via 'Mirroring' tab in account settings, or from a link at top of subscriptions list.
      Currently relies on the OStatus plugin to handle actual setup, parsing, and importing of feeds; to support more general feed formatting we may need some further work there to accept weird feeds.
      Also requires an actual live subscription, but this could be changed in future. (Ensuring that PSHB feed subscriptions remain live even if nobody's directly subscribed might be tricky.)
      The repeat style is our preferred method since it retains full attribution, but right now we don't handle repeats very well across site boundaries; when pushed out to Twitter or to other StatusNet instances via OStatus, currently we end up losing some of the data and can end up with the 'RT @blah' version.
      WARNING: There's no loop detection yet; it's most likely possible to set up a fun loop of profiles repeating each others' stuff forever and ever and ever and ever...
  8. 05 Aug, 2010 2 commits